Mathematical modelling in biomedicine
September 30 – October 4, 2019
Moscow, Russia

Organizers: RUDN University, Marchuk Institute of Numerical Mathematics RAS, University of
Heidelberg, University of Lyon
Scientific committee: F. Ataullakhanov (Moscow), G. Bocharov (Co‐chairman, Moscow), W. Jaeger
(Heidelberg), Ph. Maini (Oxford), R. Merks (Leiden) A. Panfilov (Vice‐chairman, Ghent), V. Volpert (Cochairman,
International organizing committee: V. Filippov (Chairman, Moscow), A. Marciniak‐Czochra
(Heidelberg), G. Riznichenko (Moscow), A. Skubachevskii (Vice‐chairman, Moscow), Yu. Vassilevski
(Moscow), V. Volpert (Lyon)
Local organizing committee: E. Bakhtigareeva, A. Belyaev, I. Kutsenko, C. Leon, V. Popov, N. Sadekov, F.
Syomin, A. Tokarev

Plenary lectures

M. Adimy (France), math. modelling of hematopoiesis, delay equations
F. Ataullakhanov (Russia), blood coagulation
G. Bocharov (Russia), math. modelling in immunology
C. Dumontet (France), hematology, cancer treatment
W. Jaeger (Germany), math. modelling of atherosclerosis
Ph. Maini (UK), math. modelling in developmental biology and cancer
R. Merks (Netherlands), math. modelling in oncology
A. Panfilov (Belgium), mat. modelling in cardiology
Yu. Vassilevski (Russia), math. modelling of blood flows and applications
W. Wieland (Germany), regenerative medicine

Registration fees: 100 euros
Deadlines: registration May 31, 2019, abstract submission July 31, 2019

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